Professional Accounting Services in GTA

Get a Snapshot of your Financial Position any Time you Want

There are two main reasons, why maintaining proper accounting records is critical for any business owner.

First, as stipulated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as well as Revenue Quebec, your entire accounting operations should be as per the regulations laid down by them. If you fail to do so, your return will be considered incomplete and you will have to pay a penalty.

Second, without proper record-keeping, analysis of your business performance won’t be possible. You need to ensure that all your income and expenditure are properly recorded.

Concentrate on your Business Core Area, while we Concentrate on Ours

An individual or a business can’t be an expert at everything, and if you try managing everything your business will suffer. Our team of professional accountants will ensure that your business transactions are well-documented and updated.

For a reasonable fee, we at Billah and Associates Inc. take care of all the important financial statements and reports to keep business operations flawless. The services we provide are:

  • Balance Sheet Management:

Assets and liabilities, both current as well as long-term along with the owner’s equity will be calculated as per accounting regulations.

Professional management of income and cash flow statement:

You can find the operational efficiency of your business through the income and cash flow statement prepared by us.

  • Budgeting:

Our budgeting and forecasting services will help you determine the future of your business in terms of profits.

  • Account receivable reports:

Up-to-date account receivable reports will be generated to ensure those outstanding payments due to you as well as account activity are available.

  • Account payable reports:

Our account payable reports will help you keep a tab on what you owe in terms of inventory, supplies, and services through an ageing report.

  • Internal reports:

There will be detailed internal reports provided by us for various departments like marketing, finance, and sales to help you understand the financial position of your company.

All reports provided by us and all financial statements generated by us are in accordance with accounting and financial information standards.

  • Gain from Our Expertise

You need to maintain proper financial reports to be in business, so why not hire Billah and Associates Inc, an award-winning accounting firm?

Get the benefit of expertise provided by our professional staff along with accurate reports that need to be maintained by the Canada Revenue Agency. Our tax accountant, accounting and bookkeeping services are available in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Toronto, and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area. Let us help you get a better grip on the financial position of your business.

Financial Accounting Services

Accounting is an important task for any businesses and individuals working in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto area. Get accurate financial bookkeeping and gain a clear picture of your income and expenditures by hiring Billah and Associates for professional accounting services in GTA.

Personally Tailored Service

We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, so we’ll provide you with exactly the accounting services that you need the most. With our eye for detail and our proficiency with many types of accounting tasks, we can look over all your financial documents and transactions to help you make sense of them.

Take advantage of the flexible appointment availability with us, whenever you require an accounting professional who’s willing to work on your timetable. Get in touch with our office in Mississauga, ON, to set up an appointment today. For your convenience, we’re available seven days a week, and we accept personal cheques and cash as payment.






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