Bookkeeping Services for Businesses Throughout Greater Toronto Areas

Bookkeeping is ensuring that the key financial information is properly documented in the right accounting books. Without auditing and bookkeeping services, the accounting process cannot be carried out.

Financial statements like the Balance Sheet and Income Statement are prepared on the basis of data from the accounting books. To ensure that there is no error while preparing the books, we at Billah and Associates Inc. help you with all your accounting and bookkeeping services for small-large businesses surrounding Greater Toronto Areas.

Why choose our professional firm for Bookkeeping Services?

If concentrating on bookkeeping shifts your focus from taking your business to the next level, then you should hire professional bookkeepers. You focus on business development, while we at Billah and Associates Inc. will ensure that all your business transactions are recorded in the right books.

Reasonably cost, here are the bookkeeping services we provide:

  • Chart of accounts

This is the listing of all accounts that are found in the general ledger. There is a classification of accounts into various heads like

1. Assets
2. Liabilities
3. Owner’s equity
4. Revenue or expenses.

There are various subcategories under these heads like cash, account receivables, common stock, cost of goods sold, and so on.

  • Bank Reconciliation

We help in reconciling the bank statement with the cash receipts and payments to ensure accounting records are accurate. This also includes the preparation of the receivable and supplier statements with the outstanding invoices and bills respectively.

  • Recording transactions

You need to maintain your transactions using the double-entry system. We ensure that every transaction has two entries, debit and credit, recorded in the correct accounts for timely book closure.

  • Balancing of books

We balance the clients’ books every quarter where the debits and credits are tallied. Once this is complete, the trial balance is prepared.

  • Financial statements

Once the books are balanced, the data is then used for the preparation of financial statements like:

1. Balance Sheet
2. Income Statement and
3. Cash flow statement

Our bookkeeping professionals will provide end-to-end solutions starting with the classification of transactions to generating the required data for preparing financial statements.

What Gives us the Edge?

We have proven expertise in the field of accounting and taxation services and given our award-winning performance, you can trust Billah and associates with your bookkeeping services requirements.

Experienced bookkeepers ensure they record your transactions in the double-entry system under the proper heads. Accurate entries in your books of accounts result in accurate financial statements.

Contact us to avail bookkeeping services near me in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Toronto, and the surrounding Greater Toronto Areas. Let Billah and Associates Inc. take care of your bookkeeping tasks, while you take your business to new heights.

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