Do Companies Need to Perform Payroll Withholding?

Payroll Withholding

As business owner, you are responsible for paying them when you have employees—but only after deducting payroll taxes. The IRS requires payroll tax withholding, the Social Security Administration (SSA), and the state and municipal governments (where applicable). Payroll tax deductions are required. By law, employers must withhold employment taxes from their […]

Who Is Eligible For The GST/HST Credit

GST/HST Credit

If you belong to the low to medium income bracket, then you are automatically eligible for GST/HST credit. Along with annual taxes, most Canadians pay for consumer goods and services or GST on a daily basis. It is already added to the prices of goods and services as well as in […]

How to Make Accounting & Taxation Service Stress Free

Accounting & Taxation Service Stress Free

Indeed, tax season is an overwhelming time for both the taxpayers and bookkeepers who help in planning for the season. Everybody realizes that when the clock strikes close to January, then, at that point, taxation services in Etobicoke, are toward the back of each entrepreneur and salaryman’s mind. The staggering amount […]

Customized Accounting Solutions by Industry Experts

customized accounting solutions

What are the benefits of customized accounting solutions? Today, both large-scale enterprises and small businesses search for outside help as their most favoured arrangement for their mundane, day-to-day activities, particularly for accounting. Indeed, numerous entrepreneurs have understood that taking outside sources can give them a superior chance to procure a high-quality […]

Benefits of Filing of Tax Returns For Your Business Timely

filing tax returns

If you’re considering filing an income tax return, this comprehensive article is tailored to you. Filing taxes is a crucial aspect of everyone’s life as it allows us to access various benefits that governments offer and helps the economy to grow, creating opportunities for the country and its citizens. Tax systems […]