Corporate Tax Returns

For corporate income tax returns the filing requires the production of financial statements based on information that you will be required to provide to us so we will start by providing a detailed checklist outlining all of the documents that you will need to submit to us.

Since every situation is different so it not possible to provide one size fits service or price. We care about getting your filings accurate so for corporate tax returns please contact us to discuss your individual situation.

Multiple Years Corporate Tax Returns

Do you have multiple years of corporate income tax returns that need to be filed?

Is the government sending you Demand to File letters? Do you require only the filing of blank tax returns for a corporation that does not have any activity?

We have the software, experience and procedures to help you through any kind of situation you find yourself in.

It is important to get your past due tax returns filed and we assist you by preparing them for you.

Please contact to discuss your individual situation. Nothing is too complicated for us to sort out.

Small Business Advisory Services

As a small business owner, you may encounter an unusual situation that requires the advice and assistance of a small business tax professional.

Whether you have reached a personal milestone, are planning an expansion of your small business, or have received a call from the Canada Revenue Agency, we use our experience and knowledge to implement a strategy.

What may be an unusual situation for you is day-to-day for us and we can provide the advisory service that you need.

At Billah & Associates Corporation we provide small business advisory services as well as personal advisory services including:

  • Incorporations and sole-proprietor business registration and start-up advice;
  • Small business start-up advice;
  • Advising on matters related to other taxes – HST, GST, Employer Health Tax,
  • payroll taxes and any other government related remittance;.
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development Claims SR & ED/ SRED;
  • Preparation of Canadian tax returns for corporations and individuals.

At Billah & Associates Inc. Professional Corporation we like to keep our clients informed about changes occurring in all aspects of their business and personal affairs.

We attempt keep our client’s informed in regards to changing government policies. Our professionals are available and involved, drawing upon our group understanding and growing experience to solve problems and offer advice far beyond the range of the conventional accounting firms.

Billah and Associates Inc. is a name you can trust for skilled, detail-oriented Accountant Mississauga and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area.