How Do I Resolve a Problem with CRA?

how to do I resolve a problem with CRA

Tax professionals know that customers may get a notice of assessment or determination that clashes with their income tax return. The method can also vary depending on the problem’s complexity, from asking for a straightforward adjustment to protesting to ultimately pursuing an appeal with the Tax Court of Canada. For resolving disputes or queries, you need to get Canada Revenue Agency (CRA help), who can further help you to file an objection.

Getting CRA Help Services

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Notice of Assessment

After submitting your tax return, the Canada Revenue Agency will send you a notice of assessment. You can get the confirmation of your tax return receipt and examination.

A description of your tax return and any adjustments the CRA may have made are among the important details in your NOA. Undoubtedly, the Notice of Assessment is a crucial document. Certainly, it informs you of the status of your tax return and lets you know if any difficulties need to be addressed.

The CRA website outlines the procedure to follow if you disagree with their assessment:

  • The taxpayer or their representative contacts the CRA to determine whether the situation can be resolved without going through the formal process to file an objection.
  • The taxpayer or their representative may submit a Notice of Objection within the stipulated deadline if an informal resolution through a letter to the CRA is not practicable.
  • A client can protect his or her right before the time expires by filing an objection while the matter is being handled informally.
  • Following the submission of an objection, an appeals officer examines the assessment and weighs all the available data before deciding.
  • Additionally, this stage may involve meetings, calls, letters, or other submissions to ensure the CRA has the information required to make a proposed decision.
  • Before a final judgment is made, you may request that a different appeals officer examine the case. If you disagree with the proposed conclusion made by the first appeals officer.
  • The appeals officer will make a final determination, which could be a variation, reassessment, or affirmation of the initial assessment.
  • The case may be brought before the Tax Court of Canada if the appeal is unsuccessful and a final, unfavourable judgment is given.

How Do I Contact CRA Ontario?

Sometimes picking up the phone in our fast-paced world is the best method to ensure effective communication and resolve disputes. The Canada Revenue Agency’s Northern Ontario contact number is 1-800-959-8281. At North Ontario CRA, phone agents are available Mon–Fri, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., 24-hour automated phone service, Monday through Sunday. Additionally, you can see the services provided by CRA Ontario below.

On behalf of all Canadian governments, to manage tax, benefit, and associated programs and assure compliance, thereby promoting Canadians’ sustained economic and social prosperity.

  • Administers several incentive and benefits programs for the social and economic good funded by taxes.
  • Offers self-service internet kiosks and kiosks for forms, with a select few of the most popular forms
  • Schedules appointments with taxpayers to speak with them about complex problems and to answer their questions.
  • Offers self-serve stamping equipment for anyone who needs to physically produce a proof of document.

Gives details on income tax benefits, deductions, and exemptions, including:

You can submit a Notice of Objection by filling out the appropriate form. You can also send a letter to the Director, Advisory, Objections, Appeals, and Service Branch. The business owner or another authorized organization representative should sign the letter.

The taxpayer must provide written consent if they select a representative. Online, regular, or registered mail, fax transmission, or physical delivery of a Notice of Objection to the Advice, Objections, Appeals, and Services Branch or any other Ministry of Finance tax office are all acceptable ways to submit one.

Furthermore, the Notice of Objection includes:

Taxpayer name, account or permit number, and the taxation statute under which the assessment or disallowance will be issue. Date, and the number of the assessment or disallowance period or transaction in question. Amount of tax or refund, and a detail of each issue in dispute that fully sets out the facts and the reasons for objecting.

According to an Ontario tax law, you have 180 days starting from the day of the Notice of Assessment. Mailed or personally delivered a Notice of Reassessment or Statement of Disallowance to file a Notice of Objection.


You can follow certain steps for resolving disputes if you disagree with your CRA reassessment. Certainly, it is important to understand what options you have before choosing a course of action.

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