How to Hire Your Next Accountant or Bookkeeper

accountant or bookkeeper

If you’re looking to hire your next accountant or bookkeeper in Mississauga or nearby, it’s helpful to seek referrals from your banker, attorney, or business colleague. You may also want to connect with Certified Public Accountants in your network for recommendations. Regardless of your business’s size, the significance of a professional bookkeeper or accountant in managing your accounting, taxation, regulatory compliance, and daily financial tasks cannot be underestimated.

Most states in the USA require CPAs and professional accountants to hold at least a college degree or equivalent qualification. Some states even mandate post-graduate education.

Once you’ve shortlisted suitable professional accounting solutions, assess the scope of work for the newly hired accountant and your in-house team.

Here are some valuable tips from to hire your next accountant or bookkeeper for your organization:

  1. Assess and Define the Scope of Accounting/Bookkeeping Work

As you search for reliable accounting and small business bookkeeping services in Mississauga, divide the services into three categories: recording transactions, assembling them, and generating financial statements and returns.

The first two categories can be handled by accountants with lower hourly rates, as they require less expertise. By determining your specific needs, you can hire the right professional without overpaying.

  1. Interview Your Referrals

Plan two meetings during your decision-making process. When considering professional accounting solutions, arrange two preliminary interviews: one at your site and the other at theirs. Evaluate the personality, services, and fees of the accountant. Ask questions about services, compatibility, and fees to make an informed decision.

a. Services

Inquire about auditing, taxation, bookkeeping, estate planning, and management consulting services. Discuss the design and implementation of financial information systems. Ensure the accountant’s expertise matches your requirements.

b. Personality

Assess the compatibility and competence of the candidates. Determine if you’ll be working with the same professionals who handle your accounting and bookkeeping work.

c. Fees

Request upfront fee information. Most accounting firms charge hourly rates, but some offer monthly arrangements. Obtain quotes from different professionals and estimate annual charges based on discussed services.

Moving Forward

Once you’ve selected professional accounting services, create a conducive work environment for smooth workflows. Maintain a good relationship with your accountant to resolve financial issues effectively.

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