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6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Accounting Firm for Small Businesses in Brampton

More than 95% of businesses in Canada are either small or medium-sized, and these businesses offer employment to more than 70-80% of working people. The outreach and presence of small businesses are now ever-increasing, but it also comes with increasing complexities in managing finances. As the company grows and the number of employees increases, cash flow problems arise and place various challenges in front of business owners.

Hiring an accountant can reduce this burden of tedious finances, help you stay tax compliant, and save you some money in the long run.

Here are top six reasons to hire accountants for small businesses in Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke and the surrounding area for efficient finances and hassle-free working.

1. Proper Tax Assessments

One major task of accounting firms is to stay updated with tax reforms and emerging changes in the industry. Professionals can assist with calculating taxes appropriately, evaluating your compliance situation, and analyzing various breakthroughs. This way you can get help with filing taxes and with the best possible rewards.

This is important because 37% of businesses feel that they pay extra taxes and 74% don’t even have a clue how ghost assets affect their taxes. Ghost assets are the missing or unusable assets of the company which are counted in the company’s liabilities if not eliminated. An accountant in Brampton can help you identify, analyze, and eliminate these ghost assets regularly.

2. Make Important Business Decisions

Small and medium business owners have to constantly multi-task. At one moment, they are acting as the marketing head of the company and at the other, trying to get sales right. Some days, they have to juggle many of these activities.

In a scenario like this, when important business decisions are to be made, you can at least be assured that your chartered accountant is constantly assessing the financial well-being of your organization. Based on this data on finances, it becomes easy to make informed business decisions.

For instance, you can evaluate how in similar instances hiring extra employees helped your organization financially, or how a particular decision involving money turned out in favour of the business.

3. Save Money in Long Run

Many small and medium businesses avoid hiring an accounting firm because they think it will cost them extra money. In reality, a professional with extensive knowledge of finances can help you save some extra money in the long run. These firms can increase your knowledge of rules, regulations, and allowances, which can assist you in saving money.

4. Enhance Cash Flow

Healthy cash flow in a small business is like make-it or break-it as one wrong move, and you can run into losses. A good cash flow depicts the financial health of your business.

But a professional accountant can spin the wheel in the right direction to identify and eliminate red flags and get the flow straight. They can analyze different reports, figure out tax liability for one financial year, and evaluate customer payment patterns to assess if you need to negotiate.

Once your financial reports have been handled, you’ll be able to manage sudden expenses and profits in a better way.

5. Audit Proof Your Business

What will you do if IRS comes knocking on your door for an audit? The absence of an accountant can make this task a hassle. Having an accountant, who knows your details, finances, and your books end-to-end will reduce your audit stress to a low.

Which is better?

Let the accountant handle the IRS team/tax professionals or try explaining how you somehow managed to stay compliant. An accountant manage your books and has maintained your business compliance. He/she will be able to defend you from penalties and fines.

6. Receive Expert Advice

More than anything, you will have a dedicated person or team to advise you on financial matters constantly. They can offer expert advice on minimizing taxes, maximizing profits, reducing expenses, and maintaining compliance. You can instantly acquire expert opinion rather than make a wrong financial decision and regret it later.

Final Word

Although it is good to look after your finances yourself in the initial stages when you have just started out, hiring an accounting firm Billah and Associates is the most viable option as your employees and business grow. With growth, you will have multiple financial issues and compliance problems. To rectify all these, you may need an accountant by your side.

Billah and Associates Inc. is a name you can trust for skilled, detail-oriented Accountant Mississauga and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area.