Second Additional Canada Pension Plan: Exploring Benefits and Considerations

second additional canada pension plan

The Second Additional Canada Pension Plan (CPP), also known as CPP2, introduced in 2024. It enhances retirement income for Canadian citizens and residents who contribute to the regular CPP.  It allows individuals to contribute to a higher earnings ceiling and potentially receive higher retirement benefits.

What is Second Additional Canada Pension Plan?

The Second Additional Canada Pension Plan (CPP2) is an option available to Canadian citizens and residents aiming to enhance their retirement income beyond the standard CPP benefits. Know the benefits and considerations associated with opting for the Second Additional CPP2.


  1. Increased Retirement Income: By contributing to the Second Additional CPP, individuals can augment their retirement income, ensuring a more financially secure future.
  2. Indexation: Similar to the standard CPP, the Second Additional CPP indexes benefits to inflation, providing a hedge against the eroding effects of rising prices over time.
  3. Lifetime Benefits: The benefits received from the Second Additional CPP are payable for life, offering a reliable source of income throughout retirement.
  4. Spousal Benefits: Spousal benefits are available, providing additional financial support to the spouse or common-law partner in the event of the contributor’s death.
  5. Portability: Second Additional CPP benefits are portable, allowing transfer or combination with other pension plans for flexible retirement savings.


  1. Contribution Requirements: Contributors must meet certain contribution requirements to be eligible for benefits from the Second Additional CPP. It’s essential to understand these requirements and assess one’s ability to make consistent contributions.
  2. Impact on Current Finances: Contributing to the Second Additional CPP requires individuals to allocate a portion of their current income towards retirement savings. It’s crucial to evaluate the impact on current finances and ensure sustainable contributions.
  3. Risk Factors: Despite CPP’s reliability, all investment and retirement savings options entail inherent risks. Individuals should be aware of these risks, including market fluctuations and longevity risk, and consider diversification strategies.
  4. Tax Implications: Contributing to the Second Additional CPP may affect taxes, including deductions and retirement benefit taxation. Consulting with a tax advisor can provide clarity on the tax implications of participating in the Second Additional CPP.
  5. Long-Term Planning: Opting for the Second Additional CPP requires careful long-term planning. Assess retirement goals, investment, and risk tolerance to determine if Second Additional CPP aligns with financial objectives.
  6. Phasing-in Period: The program gradually phases in between 2024 and 2025, potentially leading to slight changes in contribution rates and maximums.


  • Age: Currently, there are no age restrictions for participating in the Second Additional CPP. Contributions limited to earnings from employment or self-employment between ages 18 and 65.
  • Residency: Only Canadian citizens and residents contributing to the regular CPP qualify for the Second Additional CPP participation.

Contribution Details:

  • Contribution Rates: The contribution rate for CPP2 is 4%, shared equally between employers and employees (8% for self-employed individuals). Earnings between the first and second earnings ceilings, with the second being significantly higher than the regular CPP. In 2024, the second earnings ceiling will be $73,200.
  • Contribution Maximums: The contribution rate for both employees & employers to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) will remain at 5.95% in 2024. However, the maximum contribution amount for each will increase to $3,867.50, up from $3,754.45 in 2023.

Final thought

The Second Additional Canada Pension Plan offers an opportunity for Canadians to enhance their retirement income and improve financial security.

However, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the considerations, considering individual financial circumstances and long-term objectives. Seeking guidance from financial advisors or retirement planning professionals can provide valuable insights and assist in making informed decisions regarding participation in the Second Additional CPP.

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