Tax Resources

CRA “My Business Account”

The Canada Revenue Agency is constantly improving its online resources for taxpayers. You can view and print Notices of Assessment, check account balances and much more. For business owners, these resources can be very helpful. You can access them through the “My Business Account” portal. If you haven’t used My Business Account, you’ll have to set up your access. To do this, go to My Business Accountant and register. Following registration, the CRA will mail you a code to use the first time you log in.

The CRA also offers access to your personal tax account through the “My Account” portal. The registration process is similar to My Business Account.Visit the website and follow the prompts.

CRA “My Payment” Account

Have you ever made a tax payment to the wrong CRA account or assigned it to the wrong year? It happens more often than you may expect. As a business owner, you very likely have multiple “program accounts” with the CRA.

Program accounts are the individual accounts for GST/HST, payroll or corporate tax. If you’ve ever attempted to make payments to these accounts through online banking, you’ve undoubtedly had some apprehension about whether you have selected the correct payee.

One solution is to use the CRA’s “My Payment” website. Note: you must bank with BMO, Scotiabank, RBC, TD, Envision Financial or Libro Credit Union in order to use this service. The CRA plans to add additional financial institutions to this list in the future.

Pay Now with My Payment allows you to select the program account and the payment type (payment on filing, instalment etc.) to which you are making a payment. Once you’ve made your selections, you select your bank and log in to complete the payment.

My Payment is free of charge (aside from the normal online banking charges) and it eliminates the risk of applying payments incorrectly. To use My Payment.

CRA Phone Numbers

  • General Inquiries for Personal Tax: 1-800-959-8281
  • Business Inquiries (including GST/HST and Payroll) 1-800-959-5525

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