Accountants: What is the Best FreshBooks Plan for your Client?

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FreshBooks, a professional accountant in Toronto is a Toronto-based user-friendly cloud-based accounting software, primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. From tracking day-to-day finances to providing expert accounting services, FreshBooks is a one-stop solution for businesses that require accurate, handy and reliable for a diverse client base.

FreshBooks can easily be located by people based in Canada or the United States by searching for accounting and bookkeeping services near me. With a multitude of pricing options, it has a plan catering to the needs of every client. Each of these plans has exclusive features and services. There are a few other features that are available on every FreshBooks plan. These features, which are standard across the plans, are:

  • Unlimited Invoices, Estimates and Expenses
  • Online Payments
  • Projects and Time-Tracking
  • Reporting

Payment reminders can be sent to the clients and professional invoices can also be created with ease. Besides financial reporting tools, users can also use the platform to receive payments.

The details of the plans which bring certain exclusive services with them are mentioned below:

1. Plus Plan

Best for small business owners, it has a limit of 50 billable clients and can be used to invoice regular customers, besides growing the customer base. The competitive pricing of the plan adds further value to the services provided by FreshBooks through this plan.

Various exclusive features of the plan include:

    • Double-Entry Accounting
    • Accountant Role
    • Bank Reconciliation

2. Premium Plan

This plan is the best fit for those clients who are scaling up their businesses and have started to outgrow the Plus Plan. It comes with all the features of the Plus Plan and a few more. From the 50 billable clients on the Plus Plan, this plan supports an unlimited number of billable clients. This plan also provides you with customized email templates. You can also track and record bills for various vendors accurately and conveniently.

Various unique features of the plan include:

    • Unlimited billable clients
    • Customized email templates
    • Accounts Payable Feature
    • Track Project Profitability

3. Select Plan

This is the highest tier plan of FreshBooks accounting software and comes loaded with accounting features, ranging from a dedicated account manager to dedicated customer support. This caters to the needs of those businesses which require specialized support. The debit and credit card processing fees with this plan are relatively lower, and would therefore be helpful to the businesses which process a lot of payments. This plan also comes with a feature of a projected revenue growth report, generated based on the recorded revenue growth.

Various exclusive features of this plan include:

    • Dedicated account manager
    • Customized onboarding services
    • Dedicated customer support
    • Access to lower credit card transaction rates
    • Data Migration services
    • Revenue forecasting

4. Lite Plan

Businesses that are just getting started and have less than 5 active clients should follow this plan. It lacks the various accounting services provided in other plans but provides a good deal of services to the clients opting for this. It has the features of unlimited invoices and importing expenses as CSV files.

5. The Accounting Partner Program

Besides catering to the needs of the businesses, FreshBooks also partners with accounting professionals and provide rich resources and educational tools to them to grow their businesses and expand their client base. The professionals also derive value from a peer network to collaborate with.

FreshBooks commits to providing unparalleled accounting service to its clients, irrespective of the plan they choose. It makes it easier for the business owners to factor in their resource pool towards the growth of the business, without worrying about accounting issues. Accountants and business owners in and around Toronto can reach it by a simple search of “accounting services Toronto.


While the needs of every business are different and it is difficult for a single platform to deal with all of them individually, FreshBooks has made an attempt to bring price-competitive accounting plans, all of which have certain features attributed to them. The business owners may identify their needs and choose a plan which best fits theirs. The clients can opt for a 30-day free trial, to begin with. If accountants believe FreshBooks is the right accounting software for their clients, given its convenience and their needs, they can suggest FreshBooks plans to their clients.

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