Bookkeeping vs Accounting

bookkeeping vs accounting

For most people bookkeeping and accounting would seem like the same thing. Ask them the difference and they will be hard-pressed to come up with an answer. They aren’t to blame really, because both bookkeeping service and accounting service are actually part of the financial cycle that a company follows. Unveiling […]

Why You Should Consider Professional Bookkeeper for Your Business

professional bookkeeper for your business

Accounting can easily be referred to as the lifeline of a business. It not only helps to ensure the smooth running of the business but helps keep the various aspects of the business in line to maximize the bottom line. This is why business owners consider professional bookkeepers for their businesses. […]

Why Filing Taxes Before the Deadline is Important

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires most individuals to file their taxes by April 30th each year, while self-employed individuals have until June 15th. This period often sees a rush as people prepare statements, file returns, and settle any outstanding amounts with the government. Many turn to professional tax preparation services […]

Corporate Tax Returns

Canadian Corp Taxes

For seamless corporate tax return filings services, accurate financial statements and data are essential. At Billah & Associates Inc., we prioritize precision, compliance, and a hassle-free corporate tax return process. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to guiding businesses in Mississauga and surrounding cites in Ontario. Ensure your tax returns […]